“CTAH is the best! They consistently provide high quality care that is always focused on compassion and understanding. We’ve been clients for over 40 years and many other clients have also discovered CTAH. To make the experience better is challenging, and instead keep doing what you’re doing.”
-Linda H., Google

“Mia my miniature Husky had to receive hernia surgery underneath her belly. As a first-time dog owner, I was very worried, but I knew I was in great hands. During a chaotic time amid the pandemic, the veterinarians (Dr Miller / Dr Neans) and the fantastic staff at Central Texas Animal Hospital made me feel at ease and the procedure went perfectly.

The day before surgery, Dr Miller met me out front to discuss the surgery and answer any questions I had. He was extremely professional, friendly and passionate. The morning of the surgery, I was in my vehicle calling the office (patient protocol due to the pandemic), during the brief wait the phone line discussed the credentials of the practice and literally said “We treat every pet as if they were our own family member.” This resonated heavily as again, being a first-time dog owner.

Pick up post-surgery went well, and Mia was provided a comfortable cone (the office has those cotton/padded cones as well as plastic cones, we found the padded to be more comfortable). The office the following day, called, left a voice mail, and e-mailed me asking how Mia was doing (talk about going the EXTRA MILE!). I let the office know Mia had puked earlier in the morning, I received a personal call from Dr Neans within 5 minutes and within 15 minutes, I was on my way to pick up medication to help Mia feel better.

Mia has fully recovered from her surgery without any issues and is back to her healthy and goofy self!

I would strongly recommend Central Texas Animal Hospital to any pet owner within the Austin/Pflugerville area looking for fantastic, passionate and hard-working staff who go the extra mile to make sure your loved ones are healthy!”
-Brandon L., Google

“I feel like family, not another number.”
-XII V., Google

“Each time I have been to the clinic or even just called, I am met with friendly staff and great vets who have helped with our needs.”
-Shauna L., Google

“The staff care deeply about their patients and are very knowledgeable. Been seeing them with my fur babies since 2001.
-Sunday, Google

“Dr. Miller and Shawn were great!! They took amazing care of my sick German Shepherd and explained everything to me with so much depth. Also, they are super funny! Thanks CTAH!”
-Laura D.

“I’ve been taking my pets to CTAH for many years. They are just wonderful and I couldn’t recommend them more!”
-Marcella C.

“I will never go to any other place when it comes to my fur-babies. The staff is very friendly and attentive. One of my babies suffer with severe allergies where she loses her fur. When I schedule her appointment during this time, they already know why we are coming in. Regardless the appointment, they will do an overview each and every time they go in. If anything else needs to be done that they deem important at that moment, they will call first. The staff never does anything without your consent. If it can wait, they will let you know that as well but keep you posted on well-being of your fur-babies. I feel comfortable going to them and you would be too. They send cards during holidays and birthdays, making each experience personal to you and your babies. Thanks guys. You’re the best!!!!”

“Great Vet! A+ Service, both in person, and on the phone. They answer phones quickly and prioritize appointments / don’t over-schedule. If you want to ensure your pet gets the attention they deserve, Central Texas is a great choice.”
-Patrick M., Google

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“I had tried two other vets (national framchises) and didn’t feel like they truly cared about my new puppy. When I had a question about her health, both were too busy to see her or offer advice. I called Central Texas Animal Hospital and even though I wasn’t a client, they offered sound advice and reassurance. That was enough for me to switch my business and the staff was even better in person. Thank you for bringing the “care” back to petcare.”
-April S.

“The doctors and staff are great! They really take care of my boy and my kitty. Very traditional and family vibe going on. If you’re looking for some old school genuine vet care, then this is your spot.”
-Newhouse D., Google

“The staff is always friendly and they treat my pet like they were member of their family.”
-Sherry B.

“This vet office is not only great with my pets, but they don’t try to do unnecessary procedures like my now ex-vet office did. Thanks for being caring and honest.”
-Curt T.

We switched to Central Texas from White Rock a few months ago, and are very happy so far. They are much more reasonably priced, and we feel like their level of care and concern for our pet is higher. They spend more time during examinations and aren’t constantly trying to up-sell you.

More importantly, we trust Central Texas with our animals’ lives. Our cat went in for dental surgery today, and the doctor detected an arrhythmia in his heart before proceeding. If they hadn’t of checked, our cat probably wouldn’t have come out of anesthesia. They’re great!
-Bryan C., Yelp