Dog Skin Allergies

A dog’s skin allergy can sometimes be tricky to diagnose because there are a number of different possible causes. Most canine allergies present as an itchy skin problem. We’re here to help get your dog’s skin allergies properly diagnosed at Central Texas Animal Hospital in Pflugerville.

What Causes Dog Skin Allergies?

If your dog has an allergic reaction to something, he won’t display it through sneezing or a runny nose, or watery eyes. He’ll start scratching his skin or biting at his paws. There are quite a few potential causes for a dog’s skin allergy.

Dust, pollen, or mold can lead to allergies. Sometimes an allergy can develop due to a common ingredient in pet food, such as corn, beef, or chicken. Household chemical cleaning products, flea bites, grooming shampoos, or other things that your pet comes into contact with can lead to dog skin allergies.

Symptoms of Dog Skin Allergies

You’ve probably seen your dog scratch himself many times when he has an itch, but skin allergies are different. Dogs with a skin allergy are more frantic about the itching, and it will continue for extended periods of time. They may also bite or lick their paws, or scoot their rear-end on the ground.

If the scratching becomes chronic, a dog can break its own skin — leading to further problems including infection and more discomfort. If your dog is scratching or biting his skin much more often than normal, it’s time to give us a call for an exam.

Diagnosing a Dog’s Skin Allergy

As your dog’s owner, you can be a big help in figuring out the source of his allergies. Has something new been introduced to his environment: A new food, a new cleaning product in the house, or something else? Has he come into contact with something out of the ordinary lately that he could be having an allergic reaction to?

We will run a series of tests during an exam to try to figure out the source of your dog’s allergies. This may include blood work and skin tests.

Dog Skin Allergy Services in Pflugerville, TX

Treating Dog Skin Allergies

The treatment of your dog’s allergies may take some time, depending on the source. Topical and oral medications can be prescribed to relieve the itching, but the best course of action is to pinpoint the source of the allergy — and then try to eliminate it from your dog’s home environment. This may not always be possible (if the allergy is due to seasonal pollen, for example), but we will work with you to try to minimize the discomfort as much as possible. Our Fluorescent Light Therapy services can help encourage faster healing. Appointments are fast and non-invasive!

Call our office at 512-251-BARK (2275) in Pflugerville to schedule an appointment if your dog is suffering from itchy skin allergies. 

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