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4 Spring Pet Dangers – And How to Keep Your Pet Safe

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The arrival of spring typically means warmer weather and more time outside. However, you should remain aware of the hazards present for your pet during this otherwise beautiful time of year. To help with this, we’ve decided to highlight awareness of four specific spring pet dangers.

Toxic Household Plants

Who doesn’t love the sight of fresh flowers? However, be careful about which blooms you select for decoration. Certain types of lillies, like those from the Lillium and Hererocallis species, are toxic to cats.

It’s not just blooms you need to keep an eye on. Green plants like rhubarb and shamrock can cause kidney failure. Certain fungi, like mushrooms, can lead to liver failure or other illnesses. Castor bean plants can cause severe intestinal problems in pets. In addition, they could start having seizures, end up in a coma, or even lose their life.

Check out the infographic below highlighting some of the most common houseplants that are toxic to pets. If you have any of these plants in your home, be sure they are in areas where your pets do not have access.

Toxic Household Plants that are Dangerous for Pets: Lillies, Sago Palms, Azaleas, Castor Bean, Rhubarb Leaves, Shamrock, Fungi, and others.Bloom-loving Bees

Bees can end up stinging your pet if they get too curious. When a bee stings, the stinger remains behind and continues to pump venom. For that reason, you should remove the stinger as soon as possible.

Try not to pinch the stinger, as that can squeeze more venom into your pet’s room. Instead, try to use something firm and flat, like a credit card, to scrape out the stinger. After washing the area with cold water, apply a cold compress to reduce the swelling.

Take your pet in for care immediately if you notice signs like vomiting, diarrhea, and disorientation within a few minutes of being stung. They could be suffering an anaphylactic reaction, which requires emergency treatment.

Spring Cleaning? Keep Your Pet Away from Unsafe Cleaning Products

Watch out for household cleaning products that might contain unsafe chemicals for your pet. Before you start your spring cleaning, check out the label of your product to see if it has any of the following toxic compounds:

  • Bleach
  • Alcohol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Anything containing the word “phenol”

Make sure your pets aren’t in the room while you’re cleaning. In addition, you should keep all household cleaning products in a place where your pets can’t reach them.

Easter Decorations and Candy

While many dogs and cats like to nibble at the colorful confections found in Easter baskets, they are typically unsafe for pets. Keep your dog and cat away from plastic easter eggs and candy – especially chocolate. They can affect your pet’s nervous system, cause a blockage in their intestines, or cause other dangerous health problems. Make sure you place any easter decorations and candy out of reach of your pets, and make sure the kiddos know not to share with pets!

Prepare Your Pet for Spring

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